Course Ratings:

The DGC course rating system takes into consideration many course factors and details which enhance the experience of playing Disc Golf on that particular course.  This rating should not be confused with a PDGA type rating system which is more a measure of the  difficulty of the course.  We take into consideration factors like tee pad material, tee signs, type of pole holes, pole hole numbers, or whether the course has a practice basket for warm-ups.  Also, if the course has water and/or bathrooms, benches, trash cans , bulletin board, course map, or course signs to guide you to the next tee in curtain circumstances. Whether the course has multiple tee pads and pin placements.  And finally some intangible factors like quality of design, use of the site, inherent site limitations, site ambiance, or whether the course is equally oriented toward Professional and Amateur players alike.  How realistic is the course par, listed on the tee signs, for the basic beginning player.

Courses are popping up everywhere and are being designed and installed by people with varying levels of experience in the sport.  We hope to encourage the highest standard of planning and execution possible so the resulting courses can be enjoyed by everyone who plays them.

It is our belief that the Sport of Disc Golf will gain it's deserved recognition (as measured in: quality courses, media respect, sponsorship, prize money, etc) in direct proportion to the number of people playing and enjoying the game.  It is also our belief that more beginners will take the sport  seriously when their early experiences are on well planned, well designed , and diligently constructed courses.