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New 9 Holes in Prospect, Hilliard, Hebron, and at the Alum Creek Camp Grounds in Galena, Ohio.....Plus 9 new holes at Sycamore Creek in Picktown...wow!

 New Disc Golf Holes !
in Central Ohio

9 Hole Courses in Central Ohio in '11

The Spring of 2011 has seen three new 9 hole courses pop-up in Central Ohio. To the North is the course in the Community Park in Prospect, Ohio 43342  near the intersection of Rtes 257 & 47 - NW of Delaware.  In the East is the course at the Hebron Evans Sports Park, located at 1801 Refugee Rd, in Hebron, Ohio 43025.  In the West is the course at the Hilliard Municipal Park, at 3850 Veterans Memorial Dr. (off Cemetery Rd) Hilliard, Ohio 43026.  Under construction, also in the North, is a 9 hole at the Alum Creek State Park camp grounds. East 9 new holes have been added to the Sycamore Creek Course off Refugee Rd. in Pickerington, Ohio.


1971 Riverside Dr  43221

Disc Golf Mart has just opened Columbus' first Disc Golf Pro Shop.  The new shop is located at 1971 Riverside Dr.  1 mile south of the Griggs disc golf course, between Lane and 5th avenues.  They have 1500+ discs on display and plenty of disc golf related equipment and accessories.  You can call the shop at 614-481-0808 for info and current hours, or go to discgolfmart.biz.

Local News

Kinslow Disc Golf Course in Sunbury, Oh is undergoing some much needed improvements.  These include
the relocation of Hole 7,  new pin positions for 2, 3, 6, 9 , 12, and 14, and long tees for 1,4,11,15.  Preparations for concrete pads for short tees positions are underway.

We Love Our Trees....take it easy !  We've  noticed that an abundance of trees have been marked and some already cut down on Griggs, Blendon Woods and I'm sure a number of other courses around the area.  This seems to be part of the ongoing battle against the emerald ash borer.  No doubt this will change the layout of many of the disc golf holes involved.

The late
Steady Ed Headrick
PDGA #001

The PDGA, much like the PGA in golf, is the ruling body of the sport. The PDGA maintains and advances the rules and standards for competitive play. You must become a member to play in Professional Tournaments and must be a member in good standing to attend the Professional World Championships. When you join you are assigned an Offical PDGA number which stays with you for as long as you kept it current.  Ed Headrick was thus #001 and numbers currently being assigned for new members are in the six digits !


Sycamore Creek
 Now 18 Holes!

Sycamore Creek Church has added 9 holes to their layout making it a full 18 hole course.  Located in Pickerington this course is open to the public.  This new layout stretches the course out to over 4500' with one hole at 520'. Not just a family course any more.

836 Feet !
255 meters

This is the current World Distance record for the flying sport disc.  It was set 4/13/12 at the WFDF event held at "Big-D" in Primm, Nevada.  The record throw was made by David Wiggins, Jr with a 134 gram Innova Blizzard Champion Boss.  This throw beat the previous record of 820' set almost a decade ago by Christian Sandstrom with a DX Valkyrie.


Flying Discs

A Brief History

In 1871, in the wake of the Civil War, William Russell Frisbie moved from Bransford, Connecticut, where his father, Russell, had operated a successful grist mill, to Bridgeport, Connecticut. Hired to manage a new bakery, a branch of the Olds Baking Company of New Haven, he soon bought it outright and named it the Frisbie Pie Company (363 Kossuth Street).

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